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Say 'I Love Nelson!' to claim your discount when visiting a participating business.

Welcome to I Love Nelson! 


You will find everything good in Nelson here.


Please click on the 'Shops & Services' tab and see what a lot Nelson has to offer

There are many businesses offering discounts to I Love Nelson customers.

Simply say 'I Love Nelson!' to claim your discount from participating businesses.


Click on the 'Events' tab to see all the events and activities you can do in your leisure time.




Nelson is  O P E N  for business!


O    Online directory for Nelson, Lancashire

P     Promoting local businesses & services

E     Encouraging residents to support the local economy

N     No charge


This website is about promoting the town of Nelson, Lancashire, and encouraging people to use the shops and services here.


A website includes a directory of local businesses and services, which will become the most comprehensive record of everything Nelson has to offer. Click on the 'Shops and Services' tab above.


Initially, it is to encourage residents of Nelson to use their local shops and services more often. If you are able to offer a discount to 'I Love Nelson' customers that would encourage more people to come into town, rather than spending their money in the out of town supermarkets and retail parks, please contact us so we can add it to your entry.


As Nelson grows, it can become a resource to encourage the wider world to experience everything Nelson has to offer.


To add your business to the directory


It is free to add your details to the I Love Nelson! directory.

If your business is in Nelson itself, with a BB9 postcode, it will be eligible for inclusion.


Please use the 'Contact Us' link above to send the details you want to be included, making sure you include the following information:


Your full name


Name of business/shop


Your position within the business


Full postal address of business


Business telephone number (if you want people to be able to phone you)


Brief description (maximum 20 words) of the service you offer


Email address (for our records only unless otherwise requested


Website address or Facebook page address  (if applicable)


How much discount you would like to offer to 'I Love Nelson' customers (if applicable). A discount will move your entry further up the page. The higher the discount the closer to the top it goes.




When you shop locally, you are not helping a CEO buy a third home, you are helping a mum or a dad put food on the table, a new parent get the things they need for their new baby, a family pay a mortgage, or a student pay for college. You help the shops thrive and encourage more shops to come into town, so it can become the thriving community it used to be.


To encourage you to shop in Nelson more often, many shops and businesses are now offering discounts to 'I Love Nelson' customers.


Please use this website to find the services you want and help support them more. Just say 'I Love Nelson' to claim your discount at participating businesses.



I Love Nelson! Terms & Conditions


1. I Love Nelson! the I Love Nelson! website and the I Love Nelson! Facebook group is owned and administered by Walker (the Owner).


2. I Love Nelson! is a free service and will always be free at the point of use for any business or other organisation based within Nelson, to enable everyone to be included on the website.


3. All entries to the directory are added at the discretion of the owner but no submission will be unreasonably withheld.


4. Any entry which is not deemed suitable for public viewing, or which contains material likely to cause offence, will be removed, at the discretion of the Owner


5.  By sending your details, you are agreeing that the details you submit may to be added to the website for public viewing and to be stored in our records.


6. The details on this website have been collated from information from various sources. I Love Nelson! cannot accept any responsibility for any errors, so please check with the venues before attending.


7. Entries for businesses offering discounts appear at the top of their respective category page. The higher the discount, the higher up the page the entry will appear. All other entries are placed in order roughly according to their proximity to the town centre, with 'The Shuttle' being the marker for this purpose.


8. Online only businesses will not be listed, as they do not encourage people into the town, and that is the primary reason I Love Nelson was set up. If you have an online business and organise or attend events within Nelson, we will be happy to promote such events. Post your event on our Facebook page and we can add it to the events page on the main website.

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